My dream of freedom is a blurry one.
I have tried to imagine a world without injustices, be they based on gender, economy, ability, race, skin tone, religion…
I come up blank. There are no parts of my life that have gone untouched by inequity in some degree.
How would my life have looked if I wasn’t labeled since birth, as a minority in many forms
How would I live if money did not exist, if I had access to every resource?
My strife seems to lay in how I define my past.
So, then, could I still be open to a future free from these constricted definitions?
Freedom, me imagino volar. What would I need to let go of to be as weightless as a bird?
A society without money, pride, fear, judgement.
It all comes back to people having to prove themselves as worthy for compassion. We are no longer close to love or inter-connectivity.
If I dreamt, I would dream of everyone working for one another. No imprisonment, no fraud, no war. A web where we weave for the rights of all people to have a home, food, clean water, health.
A loose government made of us, where the only compensation is the belief in equal access and treatment.
A land not pillaged or taken, but respected and honored for its fruits.
Reparations, understanding, trust in each other.
I believe this to be the sweetest dream I’ve ever braved.
Thank you, Freedom Dreaming.

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