Two Wonderful Students from ECS :)

Freedom for Ida B Wells-Barnett was difficult. She was treated poorly and the discriminatory violence against her was brushed away by court. When she published a book on the topic, many people sent her threats. She was forced to move states. Her rights of freedom of speech and public transportation were violated heavily.
If I had the opportunity to shape the future of our world to make it equal. Events like the ones that happened to Barnett should never happen. There should be no difference in how a human is treated based on their skin color. Schools should teach against racism, and parents will not teach their children to be against a race other than their own. People will love each other all the same and differences are completely normalized. No matter where a person goes, no matter their skin color, they will get the same treatment in the same places as all other skin colors. There will be no higher race. People in high power will go through a test to make sure they will not discriminate based on any factor.

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