Md Ridyo

If I have all the tools to build my future, I would built myself as an ideal teacher who can teach his students to become a good person. Who can help his/ her community by doing community services, helping poor families with foods and shelters. I would not teach him/her how to become successful person and does not have any knowledge about their neighborhood. I would also teach them how to find happiness inside people.

Nowadays I see a lot of people who spend thousands of money by buying unnecessary item, they used those items for a few days, then they through those items in the dustbin (garbage). When someone asked them why you were not using those items. They replied they did not find happiness in it anymore. On the other hand, in same the neighborhood people are hungry who does not have enough money to buy food. They sleep on the street without warm cloth in the cold winter. I wish that I could teach them how to find happiness in other people.

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