Aylin R. Sözen

I dream of freedom as ambition, as the continuation of social movements that eradicate oppressive power structures inhibiting minorities and perpetuating social stigmas. Freedom is the idea that marginalized people can truly live and reveal ourselves without feeling ashamed and being attacked or instructed by white supremacy. It’s the power within ourselves to transfigure our way of thinking and destroy the spirit of self-hatred. It means that mainstream society embraces inclusivity, and we’re no longer indoctrinated by Western ideology that promotes anti-blackness and anti-queerness. The brightest future I can imagine is one where black and brown, gay, lesbian and trans folk reclaim and manifest our identity, using self-love as a weapon to dismantle internalized racism and toxic shaming. One where we no longer have to morph ourselves to replicate Eurocentric customs and standards of beauty in exchange for recognition or to guarantee our survival and access to livable housing, affordable health care, higher education– OPPORTUNITY.

– “Writer Aylin Sözen collaborated with filmmaker Chris Guinn on this project, which captures the current sentiment of conscious America through spoken-word and visual symbolism.” Link below:

“Discrepancies: An Extended Prelude For The Revolution”

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