Temar France

Without those to hold you there is no freedom to dream. This became evidence of her care and her call to imagine life in a strange body again. Immigrant dreams with Caribbean textures. Look how they gather to freedom and holding each other. Look at how she and the smallest stand, held close to dream freedom. Torn stockings, chin up because she is proud. Smiling wide because I am flying. What is freedom but to dream of being held. She grins wide to say, “I am here too.”

“Born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn and raised in the DMV, Temar France is a cultural studies scholar, podcaster and social media addict. After graduating from Smith College in 2018 majoring in Africana Studies, Temar is known as the cofounder and host of the “Marginalia Podcast”, where she explores topics across popular and marginalized cultures like the cultural production of black women in the sex industry. Temar is also the co-host of “The Rap Scholars” and has recently begun working on writing that emphasizes the crucial role of black women in hip hop.” Link to some of her work with Bloom Magazine below:

 “RedFlowers: A Virtual Space For Black Womxn To Be Free”


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