My dream of freedom is for young girls to be able to write and create in a safe space with full assurance that the vulnerability of creativity won’t be exploited by men in positions of power. I dream of spaces where women and non-binary writers and artists can create safety and celebrate each other’s accomplishments and create lifelong supportive communities. I want a world where mental illness is openly discussed and EVERYONE has access to stigma-free healthcare, therapy, and medication no matter what their background is. A world where people are in less pain, and medicine accounts for the #millionsmissing. A world where disabled people have equal access and opportunities as everyone else. A world where everyone has an equal chance to be educated (thinking of bell hooks’ assertion that education is freedom) to whatever extent they desire, and to gain the confidence and autonomy to pursue their dreams. We practice radical openness and actually listen to each other. It’s a world where we all care about the environment and do less harm to the earth—no diesel trucks in historically impoverished and marginalized communities, no plastic in the ocean. White supremacy is called out and dismantled. Women can wear whatever they want without the fear of being sexually assaulted, and sexual assault is taken seriously. LGBTQIA+ people are free to love openly and are accepted unconditionally by society and are not cast out of their homes and communities. Feminism is truly intersectional and not just an argument on Twitter. Gender roles are dissolved. Artists and educators are able to financially support themselves and are deeply valued. No book is burned or banned—young kids can find representations of themselves in what they read at an early age. People can practice whatever religion they want to. There are no more guns or mass shootings. No judgement, racism, or prejudice. There are no walls to keep people out of our country, no children in cages. We help people who are homeless and/or living in poverty. In my version of freedom, we are taught from an early age that our value is so much more than what we produce in our lifetimes. Capitalism is over. The earth loves us back. The president is a woman.

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