Corina Paolisso

Imagine how free we would be if we could all be unabashedly ourselves.

I imagine a wold where I could dance between the concepts of masculinity and femininity without fear of being harassed. I could show my gender expression and sexuality in whatever way I please without feeling the imaginary walls of the binary closing in on what is deemed acceptable for a woman to look or act like.

I imagine a world where I could freely talk about sexual experiences – positive and negative – without being fetishized and without having my experience as a victim result in me being blamed for surviving. I imagine a world where cisgender men respect women and do not objectify them because the media does not reify harmful ideas about the relationship between cis men and cis women.

I imagine a world where I could live without the wave of shame and guilt that society forces on those who are different from the minuscule margin of the norm. I imagine a world where my struggles with mental illness are not glamorized but respected and accommodated.

I imagine a world where artists can tell their whole truth and it would not be seen as a mere diversity ploy but recognized for the individualized stories that have needed to be told for centuries but were ignored by those in power.

I imagine a world where history in all its ugliness is recognized for the oppressors and colonizers and how they continue to destroy lives and communities. I imagine a world where we learn from that history and where systems and structures are changed, not reinforced with a pandering shroud of the idea of change.

I imagine freedom.

Documentaries: “While I Breathe” & “Mack and the Endless Nightmare” 

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